Dealerships across the country are using Spokenote to increase sales, personalize their service offerings, target customers using direct mail, and acquire used-car inventory.

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Car Dealerships use Spokenote


Acquire Used Cars

Dealers are using Spokenote codes to engage service customers to trade in their cars. Vehicle inspections are the perfect time to buy used cars. With a Spokenote on the rearview mirror, service techs or sales managers can start a conversation with car owners to get them to trade in for something new.

Car Dealerships use Spokenote

Enhance Your Service

Customers can take their vehicles anywhere for service. Personalizing the experience builds trust and loyalty and keeps them coming back for future needs. Service technicians can use Spokenote to leave videos for customers.

Car Dealerships use Spokenote

Find New Customers

Dealerships are using Spokenote to enhance their direct mail campaigns to nudge customers across the buying continuum. Direct mail is great for targeting but lackluster in analytics. Dealers are leveraging Spokenote to learn exactly which customers are interested and building followup campaigns to convert.

Car Dealerships use Spokenote

Turn "Just Looking" Into A Lead

Buyers go out of their way to avoid salespeople. People don't like to be sold...they like to buy. So dealers are using Spokenote to give prospects the information they need at their fingertips, with the ability to engage when ready. Adding a Spokenote sticker on a car window creates a soft introduction to the salesperson and builds trust.

Car Dealerships use Spokenote

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