Spokenote offers innovative solutions for improving project management, safety, client relations, and educational outreach in the construction industry.

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The trades use Spokenote


Site-Specific Safety Briefings

Safety is paramount in construction. Spokenote can be used to provide site-specific safety briefings. Spokenotes placed at various points on a construction site can link to safety videos, offering immediate, location-relevant safety information to workers, thereby reducing the risk of accidents.

The trades use Spokenote

Enhanced Project Updates for Clients

Keeping clients informed is crucial in construction. Spokenote can be used to give clients regular project updates. Spokenotes on project reports can link to videos showing progress, explaining delays, or highlighting key milestones, offering a transparent and engaging way to keep clients up-to-date.

The trades use Spokenote

Interactive Training for New Workers

Training new workers effectively is essential. Spokenote can enhance training by showcasing instructional videos on construction techniques, equipment use, or site-specific protocols, ensuring that workers have the necessary knowledge to work safely and efficiently.

The trades use Spokenote

Community Engagement in Public Construction Projects

In public construction projects, community engagement is key. Spokenote can be used to keep the community informed and involved. Spokenotes on project signage or in community mailers can link to videos explaining the project's purpose, benefits, and progress, fostering positive community relations.

The trades use Spokenote

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