Spokenote technology provides governments with a new avenue for transparent, engaging, and effective communication with citizens, enhancing public services and community involvement.

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Parks Departments use Spokenote.


Community Engagement in Public Projects

Governments can use Spokenote for engaging citizens in public projects. Spokenotes can be placed on project sites or in mailers, linking to videos that provide updates, explain the benefits of the project, or solicit feedback. This approach fosters transparency and encourages community involvement in local development.

Parks Departments use Spokenote.

Enhanced Public Service Announcements

Public service announcements (PSAs) can be more engaging with Spokenote. Codes in flyers, posters, or digital platforms can link to video messages that offer in-depth information on public health campaigns, safety tips, or emergency preparedness, ensuring vital information is easily accessible and understood.

Parks Departments use Spokenote.

Streamlining Government Services

Government agencies can use Spokenote to streamline and personalize their services. For instance, Spokenote on forms or mailings can link to instructional videos, making complex processes more user-friendly. This can be particularly useful for services like tax filing, license renewals, or business registrations.

Parks Departments use Spokenote.

Interactive Tours of Public Facilities

Spokenote can enhance tours of public facilities like city halls, museums, or libraries. Spokenotes can provide visitors with access to video guides or historical insights, enriching the visitor experience and offering educational value.

Parks Departments use Spokenote.

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