Spokenote technology in restaurants offers a novel way to connect with customers, personalize dining experiences, and efficiently communicate with staff and patrons.

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Spokenote is ideal for describing a dish.


Interactive Menus

Restaurants can use Spokenote to create interactive menus. Spokenotes next to menu items can link to videos of chefs explaining the dish, showcasing the preparation process, or suggesting wine pairings. This can enhance the dining experience and assist customers in making their meal choices.

Spokenote is ideal for describing a dish.

Chef's Specials and Promotions

For daily specials or promotions, Spokenote can provide a dynamic way to inform customers. Spokenotes placed on tables or at the entrance can link to a video of the chef presenting the day's special or upcoming events, adding a personal touch and potentially increasing sales of featured items.

Spokenote is ideal for describing a dish.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Restaurants can integrate Spokenote into their customer loyalty programs. Spokenotes on receipts or in the restaurant can link to videos explaining the loyalty program benefits, how to sign up, or special offers for members, encouraging repeat business and customer loyalty.

Spokenote is ideal for describing a dish.

Staff Training and Communication

Spokenote can be an effective tool for staff training and internal communication. Spokenotes in staff areas can link to training videos on customer service, menu knowledge, or health and safety protocols, ensuring staff are well-informed and providing consistent service.

Spokenote is ideal for describing a dish.

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