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Spokenote opens up innovative avenues for personalization, guest engagement, and memorable experiences in the wedding industry.

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Brides love Spokenote!


Invitations With a Personal Touch

Couples can use Spokenote to add a personal touch to their wedding invitations. Spokenotes on the invites can link to a video of the couple sharing their love story or expressing their excitement about the upcoming celebration. This can make invitations more engaging and heartfelt.

Brides love Spokenote!

Digital Save-the-Dates

For save-the-date notices, Spokenote can provide an interactive element that link to a video message from the couple, giving guests a sneak peek of the wedding theme or venue, building anticipation for the big day.

Brides love Spokenote!

Virtual Guestbook Experience

Spokenote can transform the traditional guestbook into a virtual, interactive experience. At the wedding, Spokenotes on tables or in a designated area can allow guests to record and upload video messages for the couple, creating a dynamic and modern guestbook.

Brides love Spokenote!

Wedding Favors with a Message

Couples can use Spokenote to personalize wedding favors that can link to a thank you video from the couple, making the favors more meaningful and memorable for guests.

Brides love Spokenote!

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