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Higher Education

Universities and colleges around the world are leveraging Spokenote to engage students and alumni more effectively, innovate in marketing and recruitment strategies, and create a more interactive campus experience.

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Spokenote for Colleges and Universities


Amplify Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising campaigns benefit greatly from Spokenote. By attaching Spokenote codes to direct mail or digital campaigns, universities can share impactful stories or messages from beneficiaries of alumni donations. This approach adds a personal touch, making the impact of donations more tangible and encouraging continued support.

Spokenote for Colleges and Universities

Revolutionize Campus Tours

Spokenote enhances self-guided campus tours, allowing prospective students to access personalized video content at various points of interest. By scanning Spokenote codes, they can view detailed narratives about buildings, departments, and student life, giving them a richer, more engaging tour experience, which can be pivotal in their college selection process.

Spokenote for Colleges and Universities

Streamline Alumni Engagement

Spokenote can transform how institutions interact with their alumni. By attaching personalized video messages to direct mail or event invitations, universities can create a more engaging and memorable connection, leading to increased participation in alumni events and potentially greater contributions to fundraising efforts.

Spokenote for Colleges and Universities

Innovative Recruitment Strategies

Spokenote offers a dynamic edge in student recruitment. Spokenote codes in brochures, direct mail campaigns, and at college fairs can link to video testimonials from current students or faculty, giving prospective students a vivid and personal view of the university experience, thereby enhancing the institution's appeal and recruitment success.

Spokenote for Colleges and Universities

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